Utah Occupational Therapy Association

The Utah Occupational Therapy Association (UOTA) is a non profit membership organization dedicated to the advancement of the occupational therapy profession in the state of Utah. The UOTA serves the interest of its members by representing the profession to the public, supporting political advocacy, and providing continuing education, networking and professional development opportunities for occupational therapy practitioners.

Our Commitment

The UOTA is committed to serving the professional development needs of UOTA members by providing resources for practice, monitoring legal activities that affect occupational therapy practice in Utah, offering continuing education opportunities, and coordinating networking opportunities.  UOTA works through volunteers who make up the executive board and committees and provide service to the members.  

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  • Membership

    By becoming a member of the UOTA you are supporting the only organization in the state of Utah that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the practice of occupational therapy.

  • Resources

    It contains information about the professional organization of UOTA and supports communication of its members on clinical, educational, and employment topics.

  • About Us

    The Utah Occupational Therapy Association is a volunteer run organization that strives to move the profession of occupational therapy forward in the state of Utah.

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Creative ways to meet continuing education requirements

Continuing education is an essential part of ensuring that we, as OT practitioners, are practicing with the most current knowledge base and are delivering services that are grounded in evidence.  UOTA volunteers and membership has been successful in changing our Utah Practice Act to reflect this value and hold our profession to a higher standard in this state. 

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